What is a Referral Agency?

  1. As a Cleaning Referral Agency we minimize your cost as a customer while maximizing the Cleaning Providers income by outsourcing jobs to independent domestic workers who are registered under contract with At Home Maids.

Benefits to Customers

  1. 1. Ease of mind knowing that all Cleaners have be thoroughly screened and vetted.
  3. Each Cleaner is:
  • – Interviewed
  • – Background checked
  • – Verified for eligibility to work in the USA
  1. 2. Consistency of Quality by receiving the same Cleaners each visit (unless you request a new match)
  2. – Every cleaner submits 3 professional & 3 personal references.
  3. – Cleaning have a minimum of 2 years paid cleaning experience (3-5 years average)
  1. 3. Ability to choose and request to be matched with a different cleaner for any reason.
  2. – Additionally, we allow up to 24 hours for you to change your scheduled cleaning.
  3. – No contracts and tons of flexibility
  1. 4. Savings as high as 55% when compared to other local cleaning companies
  2. – The more you book, the more you save!
  3. – Who else offers such large recurring discounts in Monroe County?
  5. 5. Customer Online Portal & 24/7 Customer Support
  6. – Call, text or email us anytime. We’ll get back ASAP!
  7. – Easily rate and review your Cleaners through our online customer portal
  8. – Request a new service or report a concern

Benefits to Cleaners

  1. 1. Flexibility – Cleaners get to choose their own schedule and get to accept the jobs that fit into their availability. This allows for a better work life balance so they can focus on what matter most, like family!
  3. 2. Choice of Clients – Cleaners can choose which customers / clients they want to work with ensuring the perfect match for both the cleaner and the customer.
  1. 3. Support – Cleaners are supported by At Home Maids office staff to answer any questions, concerns, schedule changes allowing them to focus on what they’re good at ~ CLEANING!
  1. 4. Pay – The Referral Agency Model allows the Independent Cleaners to earn LIVING wages, not minimum wages. This gives cleaners the opportunity to earn a much higher income compared to working for a National chain or on their own (with not enough clients)
  1. 5. Freedom – The majority of Business Owners have to worry about every aspect of their business. Cleaners who are registered with At Home Maids only need to worry about their cleaning, supplies and transportation. We take care of everything from customer support, scheduling, payments, tax forms and more!

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