Benefits & Overview of Using a Cleaning Service

The top reason why homeowners opt for hiring a cleaning company is time. With the stress and go-go-go attitude Americans face, many people find it hard to make time to clean their homes on a weekly basis.

Sure, you can run a vacuum over your carpet once a month or wipe down those kitchen countertops every other day, but is that providing you with the best clean possible?

(We call it a “truly clean” feeling.)

People use cleaning services because they 1) lack time to clean their space themselves or 2) feel like a pro could handle the job better. Sometimes the reason is both. Either way, living in a clean environment affects you more than you realize, so if you can’t clean, it is best to hire someone who can.

Hiring a cleaning service to revitalize & refresh your home has the following benefits.

  • Boosts mood
  • Improves overall health
  • Improves air quality
  • Removes allergens
  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Removes harmful bacteria
  • Creates an orderly space

What does a Professional Maid do?

Every pro service will always include the basics, such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping surfaces, cleaning glass, etc.

Now, if you want the inside of your oven or fridge cleaned, you will need to opt for a deep-clean or some customized package.

The sole duty of pro maids is to leave your home feeling good as new. They come in, clean, and get out.
Companies will usually background-check their maids before hiring them, so you can rest assured your home will be safe while they are there. If a company does not promise trusted, thoroughly screened cleaners, that is a red flag to avoid.

Booking a cleaner is usually a straightforward process since most cleaning companies allow scheduling through an online portal. You can pay online for whatever package you choose as well- more on payment and fees later.
If you opt for an independent housekeeper, the process might look a bit different.

Difference Between a Professional Cleaning Company & Independent Housekeeper

There are a few differences between a company and an independent cleaner we think are important to understand.
First, cleaning companies tend to be much more formal and business-oriented because of how they structure themselves. A company will usually have a whole crew of cleaners under their supervision, and the process for hiring is strict; they much pass a background check and show qualifications.

How a pro-company communicates and works with you will be different as well. They will usually use an online portal for booking, communication, contracts, and more. Every customer touchpoint will follow written guidelines and procedures so that the whole process will be standardized and consistent.

Whereas if you hire an independent housekeeper, it is up to them to prove their qualifications to you, and it is up to you to decide if they are trustworthy. They usually work more informally without any set-in-stone guidelines and checklists since it is a single person and not a large company.
Imagine if you decided you suddenly want to clean homes, and you put a message on Facebook to share the news with your friends and family. You’d have to come up with your own set of prices, procedures, payment options, and do everything yourself. There is no one else to deal with. That is the nature of an independent maid.

Types of Cleaning Styles

This is not an extensive list, but here are the main types of cleaning you can expect a company or solo maid to offer.

Standard Cleaning

A standard cleaning includes all the standard housekeeping tasks: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping surfaces, polishing mirrors, and removing trash.


For those who want the best clean possible, opt for a deep clean. It usually includes all the basics plus cleaning your oven, fridge, lamps, door frames, baseboards, and all those hard-to-reach areas around the house.

Moving in/out Cleaning

This is similar to a deep-clean. Your space will be returned to move-in or move-out condition standards. This includes cleaning walls, windows, cabinets, fixtures, and everything that a new tenant would expect to be spick-and-span.

Post Construction Cleaning

Did you throw a huge event that left trash, dirt, and messiness everywhere? Opt for a post-even cleaning to get rid of trash, dishes, spilled food, messy surfaces, and more. All traces of your event will be removed.

How Much Do Cleaning Services Cost?

Cleaning services base their pricing on a variety of factors. It is essential to understand how your chosen company or solo maid will charge you and to get a breakdown of their fees so you know exactly what you are paying for.

A standard home cleaning from a certified company can start at $100 and up. If you are a homeowner who needs a deep-clean for a 2,000+ square foot space, expect at least $200 and up.

Costs really depend on:

  • The type of cleaning package you want
  • How many rooms you want refreshed
  • How many bathrooms need to be scrubbed
  • How many square feet you want covered
  • The amount of time spent on your space
  • Solo housekeepers usually charge less than companies, so keep that in mind. Their rates are typically by the hour and can range anywhere from $20 to $175 per hour.

With a company, you pay for the security and standards they maintain throughout the whole process.

Etiquette: To Tip or Not to Tip

For best practices, it is recommended to tip. If you are working with a single cleaner for a one-time job, they would appreciate the tip. If you are working with a large company and hire them year-round, a tip may not be necessary every time they clean since you use their services so frequently. Ultimately, this is up to you.

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Service for You

Always do your due diligence when researching for a great house cleaner. Ask friends or family for referrals and look online for the most popular (and highly-rated) option.
The best companies will be licensed and certified, and their website will look professional and polished. You want to choose a cleaning service that does background checks on their employees and who offers fair services at fair prices for your area.
Keep a budget in mind and don’t be afraid to suggest custom packages to fit your needs.
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